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Miss Beth

Beth is the founder and owner of 'Miss Beth'. She is a former homemaker, Girl Scout leader, and a special needs animal foster mom. She also has two daughters, is a gourmet cook, an artist, and a world traveler. In addition, she is a mother to her puppy mill rescue, Gilly. Miss Beth herself can't wait to fill all of your pet, home and childcare needs!


Riley is a professional nanny here and abroad. She is also a mom to her Yorkie Teddy and has always been an animal lover. Riley is always dressed to the nines with her fashionista persona while maintaining a healthy active lifestyle.


Siggy is a professional nanny and a lover of all animals and children. She wears many hats. She is a family coach, stand-in mom, animal whisperer, all while staying fit though hardcore tennis matches.


Margie is a mom, a grandma, and a great grandma. A lover of creatures large and small! When she isn't spending time caring for a child or a pet, she is probably buzzing around in her little red convertible or styling someone's hair!

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